Rules & Info

Welcome to One Step Ahead Dance Studio’s 18th season. We are so glad you made the choice to be a part of the OSA Family. The following is a list of some important information regarding your child’s dance season. In addition, please make sure you have received a copy of our studio calendar to stay informed of holiday closures and other dates of importance.


1. No food or drinks are allowed into the dance room(s). All food and water should stay in the waiting area.

2. Uniforms are mandatory and must be worn to class. All students must wear the OSA uniform to every class (once received). If you are enrolled in classes that take place on consecutive days each week, you may alternate the OSA uniform with acceptable dance attire – NO JEANS OR STREET CLOTHES ARE PERMITTED!

3. Chewing gum is NOT permitted at any time while in the studio.

4. Promptness is VERY important so that your child may warm up properly.

5. If your child will be absent for the day, a phone call or text is appreciated.

6. No jewelry is permitted – ESPECIALLY in the Acro classes.

7. ALL hair must be up for all classes and away from your face.

8. No running is allowed in the dance room.

9. No hanging on the Ballet Barres or touching personal property of the instructor.

10. Please do not touch the mirrors.

11. Respect your teachers and fellow students.

12. No talking while instructors are teaching, correcting, demonstrating or choreographing routines. It is disruptive and disrespectful.

13. All students must wear the proper shoes to each class. Please check with the instructor BEFORE you purchase any shoes.

14. Please label all shoes and dance bags.

15. Improper behavior towards instructors or fellow students will not be tolerated.

16. Parents are not allowed in the dance room, unless an instructor requests it.

17. No videotaping is permitted without prior approval from the instructor.

18. Please have your child use the bathroom BEFORE each class. Constant bathroom breaks distract the entire class and will not be tolerated unless the child does not feel well – in the event this happens, we will call you to pick up your child.


20. Please pay attention if other students are dancing independently or in a smaller group for demonstration purposes – you will learn something!

21. PLEASE CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELVES – especially when using the bathroom.

22. We have a zero tolerance policy regarding bullying. No child may put their hands on another student. We encourage support of one another here at OSA and will not allow ridicule or negative comments. If an instructor witnesses any behavior of this type, the student will be asked to leave.

23.  OSA is not responsible for any lost items or injuries on the premises before, during or after classes.


All tuition is due by the 10th of each month. Any tuition received after the 10th will incur a $15 LATE FEE added on to your bill. Any returned checks will incur a $35 fee added to your account. All credit card charges will incur a $4.00 service fee. Tuition will not be adjusted for absences, holidays or vacations.

CREDIT CARDS – we do accept credit cards for TUITION, however, as mentioned above there is a $4.00 service fee if you choose to pay this way. If you prefer to keep a credit card on file to be charged monthly in place of writing a check, please request the form from the front desk.

WE CANNOT ACCEPT Credit Cards for costume deposits/balances, competition fees, videos, recital tickets or Picture Day payment.

As of May 1st, NO CHECKS, CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS WILL BE ACCEPTED. We have a CASH ONLY policy for all balances due on your account as of May 1st.


COSTUME FEE: There is a $75 NON-REFUNDABLE costume deposit (per class, per student) due by OCT. 15. If deposit is not paid, we will not order a costume. This must be paid on time if you want your child to be a part of the year-end recital. The costume companies require payment well in advance and will not refund any money. This is their rule, not ours! If your child drops out of the program once a costume order has been placed, you are still responsible for the balance. Balances for costumes are due February 1st. No one will receive their costume until balance is paid in full.

Our recital takes place at CSI. A $35 rehearsal fee is due (PER CHILD) by MAY 1. This fee covers the rehearsal day. All students MUST attend rehearsal AT CSI prior to recital to know their spacing on stage. You will be notified of the June date as soon as we receive it from CSI.

All students must wear the OSA uniform to recital rehearsal.

Ticket sales are done on a lottery system. Once your account has a zero balance, you will be able to pick your time slot to come in and choose your seats.

Tickets are $25.00 each. Tickets are cash only.

4 ticket minimum purchase per student

6 ticket minimum per COMPANY MEMBERS.

In the event you have more than one child enrolled in our studio and performing in the recital, it is a 4 ticket minimum purchase per “family”. However, in the event you purchase less than 4 tickets, you will still be charged for 4, so please plan accordingly prior to our June recital. Note: there is no limit on how many tickets you may purchase once you’ve satisfied the 4 ticket minimum purchase requirement.

Everyone requires a ticket to enter the CSI Theater, including small children! This is a CSI RULE, not a studio rule.

We will have two shows this year, BUT not every class will be in both shows.