Triple Threat trophy 




Being part of a large ensemble isn't for every dancer. Bigger isn't always necessarily better.

Are you tired of being placed in the back of a large group? Is it not the right fit for you? Hope for a solo of your own? Come be part of an exciting opportunity!

As part of this group, you may be asked to perform a *SOLO and/or be part of a DUETor TRIO at competitions (in addition to performing all group AND specialty numbers).

*Additional class fee applies.

That moment you watch from the wings as your best friend takes the stage solo and all you want is for her to succeed!

OSA dancers love and support each other no matter what!  

All NEW dances for the season are taught by talented, established teachers with real stage (and music video) experience. Our teachers are NOT just older students. We will work with you on technique and help you to achieve your true dance potential.

Audition is required. Please contact the studio with questions.


Being part of a competition company is a true commitment. Parent or guardian must be present at audition, attend informational meeting and agree to terms.

While costume deposits, competition fees and additional rehearsal payments are all non-refundable, quitting the competition team at any point prior to the end of season will result in complete forfeiture of any and all money on account with OSA. Leaving the team prematurely creates the need for choreography to be reworked, thus teachers need to be paid for time expended so that your departure can be addressed and corrections be made to each dance you were a part of.